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Welcome to U-Can Primary

Attending Primary School at U-Can is a truly international experience. We utilize our diverse student body (from over 22 different countries), our first-rate international curriculum, and our cultural context of Uganda to make learning a memorable experience.

Our Curriculum

Our Canadian International Curriculum focuses on building a great foundation for life-long learning.

With a good foundation, your child has the tools to succeed for the rest of their life.

Good mastery of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, and Character Development are the foundation stones on which all learning is built. Our interactive curriculum is world-class: we believe our program will give your child a head start on their journey to life-long learning.

Our Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy is Relevant for the World We Live In

Informed education philosophers have concluded that instilling critical thinking skills and common sense reasoning in students should be one of the main aims of education. We believe that we should train children to be able to use their mental abilities to figure out the world around them and to have a mindset that focuses on discovery and investigation. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that learning is practical and exciting.

Your child should not be left behind because they don’t have the self confidence to think independently and creatively.

Parent FAQs

Our mission at U-Can International is to foster understanding through educating our students to:

          – read with comprehension and write clearly

          – develop mathematical precision and accuracy

          – exhibit creative and critical thinking skills

          – build self-esteem, pride and respect for themselves and others

          – appreciate their responsibility to home, school and society

          – think, reason and use information & technology to solve problems

An average day at U-Can International is never dull! We pack our school day full of outdoor learning, practical activities, and lots of fun! 

Here is a typical timetable for our primary school children:

At U-Can we believe education is a partnership between home and school. Teachers work hand-in-hand with parents to educate the child. Both have equally important roles and should treat each other with respect. The ultimate goal is the child’s education and the focus should never waver from the same.

Parents find out what the child has been up to at school today by reading their child’s student journal. This is required to be signed by the parent daily and will also include any important information from the teacher – including any homework!

Teachers at U-Can International regularly share photos with parents as we know how important it is to feel involved in your child’s learning.

Come And Visit Our Primary at U-Can International!

The Supportive & Empowering Environment For Your Child

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