About Us

We are a co-education international school providing first-rate Canadian education for children aged 3 to 18 in Entebbe

We Focus on Creative Learning

We use the Canadian International Curriculum to empower children to explore their personal interests and develop life skills needed for the 21st Century.

Fun For All Ages!

Our students participate in outdoor learning, practical activities, field trips and physical activity every week

From Early Years to Secondary, all U-Can curriculums are developed with ample opportunities for practical learning. 

U-Can International School is strongly embedded in our local community in Entebbe. We utilize our Ugandan context to provide unique learning experiences. 

From outdoor lessons in our school grounds to field trips in our local community, U-Can teachers ensure students have practical links to learning, 

Some of our regular opportunities include: 

  • Weekly learning at Entebbe Botanical Gardens 
  • Weekly Swimming lessons at Lake Victoria Hotel
  • Weekly Secondary School reward afternoons
  • Secondary School Construction course in the school workshop
  • Weekly Friday fun days (e.g. cultural food day, crazy hair day)
Creative Activities

From finger painting to building walls, our students are constantly being empowered to explore bringing their ideas into reality.

Social Development

Student well-being is pivotal to their enjoyment of school and success. U-Can students develop their social skills through roles of leadership, critical thinking and problem solving.

Sports & Playing

All U-Can students participate in weekly sports classes and swimming lessons. Play is emphasized throughout the school week with importance placed on break times and scheduled outdoor lessons.

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