Middle School

Middle School at U-Can International provides quality Canadian education to grades 7 and 8. Students graduate from our Middle School fully prepared to excel in Secondary!

Welcome to U-Can Middle School

Middle School is a crucial period of transition of learning and development for students. Our curriculum develops social-emotional development, personal interests, and preparation for the future.

Our Curriculum

Our qualified and experienced Middle School teachers assist young learners to build, maintain and fuel the desire for lifelong success.

Our Canadian International Curriculum provides the foundation for students to pursue subject areas of interest in preparation for specialism at Secondary School level. 

U-Can International develops good study habits and higher-level thinking skills throughout Middle School.

Our Philosophy

Our curriculum features opportunities for students to explore and develop their identities. Students are challenged to develop leadership and collaborative skills through mentorship roles in the school and our wider community.

Our Middle School students also grow their international mindset with our field-based curriculum which provides hands-on learning experiences of different cultures and environmental and humanitarian issues.

Parent FAQs

We are proud of: 
  • Using the International “Smart” Curriculum developed in Canada – it is used in 22 countries worldwide.
  • Planning that meets the needs and abilities of the different learning levels within the classroom so that accelerated progress can be achieved.
  • High teacher expectations and good subject knowledge.
  • The supportive and caring ethos within the school, particularly in meeting the social, emotional and hehavioural needs of the students and their families.
  • The strong family atmosphere within the school.
  • The role played by senior leaders to monitor student progress, identifying pupils in need of additional support and putting in place appropriate intervention strategies/programs.
  • The fresh and stimulating classroom learning environments and fun playground areas


Yes. Given our context as an international school, we often have students who are with us before moving out of Uganda. The U-Can team is well equipped with supporting students who are enrolled for a set period of time and find that students quickly settle and excel.

Likewise, our Canadian International Curriculum provides an excellent foundation for children to continue their education journey in any curriculum. 

Middle School prepares students for Secondary School in several ways. 

Firstly, students participate in a broad range of academic and extracurricular subjects allowing them the opportunity to explore their personal interests in anticipation of specializing in areas at Secondary School. 

Secondly, U-Can prioritizes the growth of children’s social and emotional learning in all areas. Students graduate U-Can Middle School having developed their skills in leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

Academically, the Canadian International Curriculum prepares students to a high standard. Students gain experience in citation and referencing, digital learning, and financial literacy skills before even enrolling in Secondary learning. 

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