The U-Can Team

Meet our friendly and experienced diverse team whose commitment to the students of U-Can makes our school community an exceptional place to be!



I have been working as an educator all over East Africa for 28 years. In 2013 we established U-Can International School as a means to bring a first-class Canadian education to Uganda. 



I am so excited to have the opportunity to help the next generation learn and grow. I can’t wait to see how they shape and develop our world.


Human Resources

It is fun working in a diverse and welcoming environment. I enjoy the opportunity to contribute to an exciting, fast-growing international school in Uganda.



I don’t have a magic wand, a crystal ball, or all the answers – but I do have ears to listen, a heart to care, and time to give!


Early Years Teacher

I am a friendly, enthusiastic, and respectful teacher to my students. What I love about teaching is having the ability to influence kids, and shape the kind of world we want to live in.


Early Years Teacher

My teaching philosophy is to equip students with the tools they need to be confident learners. My classroom is always an open environment for questions and opinions!


Foundations Teacher

My goal is to develop today’s youth to be productive and respected citizens. My favourite subject is Math as it uses problem-solving skills.


Foundations Teacher

I became a teacher to empower students to be independent. I offer practical and engaging activities and age-appropriate responsibilities to make learning fun.


Primary Teacher 

My passion is to create a safe and interactive learning environment where children develop social skills, build self-esteem, and become lifelong learners.


Primary Teacher

 As a teacher, I wish to nourish children’s natural interest in learning, create a stimulating environment and accommodate all learning needs.


Primary Teacher

I am proud to be part of changing the teaching profession in Uganda and hope I am inspiring future teachers to believe in themselves.


Primary Teacher

Teaching through fun activities and games turns my classes into unique learning experiences. My students and I enjoy the bond that we build as a family across the year.


Primary Teacher

My favourite subject is English, it provides a foundation for so much Primary school learning. In every lesson, I convey my enthusiasm to inspire my students to enjoy learning.


Primary Teacher

I pride myself on breaking misconceptions about mathematics. As a group, we treasure every little step forward for each individual. These are the most rewarding moments in my teaching.


Secondary Education Coordinator

I believe learning is an exploratory process that equips students with life skills as well as frameworks for future learning. I am excited about the possibilities for this next generation. 


Science, Math & Swahili Teacher

My main goal as a teacher is to bring together a committed and inclusive community of students in order to prepare for a world that changes with unprecedented speed. 


English Teacher

Building positive relationships with my students provides a firm base to provide a safe and open learning environment. I value each student’s individuality. 


Science & Math Teacher

Teaching shapes the future of an individual through inspiring, guiding and nurturing the gold mine that is the mind of the youth.


ICT Teacher

It’s all about impacting young minds and seeing them highly motivated and interacting with computers independently.


Arts Teacher

Teaching is holistic: I build learners’ confidence of in their creative skills whilst promoting positive well-being.


Swimming Teacher

I enjoy creating a positive environment to motivate and encourage children of all age groups to participate in swimming for safety, skill, fitness, and fun.


Music Teacher

Music is my passion! I love sharing musical knowledge and having fun with the students.

tonny (1)

Sports Teacher

Teachers affect eternity: no one can tell where their influence stops.


Drama & Dance Teacher

My teaching style is practical and energetic, I love exploring new ideas and am always willing to learn.


Special Needs
Learning Support

I am passionate about supporting students with special needs and disabilities to access education at a mainstream school like U-Can.


Middle School
Learning Support


Early Years
Learning Support

I love helping the students feel comfortable and welcome in their new learning environment to prepare them to excel at school.


Learning Support

I feel honoured to be providing learning opportunities to inspire the next great generation.


Early Years
Learning Support

I became a teacher to get the opportunity to impact students’ personal lives and assist them in discovering their skills. 

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