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U-Can Secondary School students embark on a four-year program graduating with the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Welcome to U-Can Secondary!

We employ a world-renowned Canadian curriculum offering students the opportunity to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma

The OSSD is delivered at U-Can in partnership with Virtual High School Ontario (VHS). Students are taught by qualified and experienced U-Can teachers, who plan and deliver engaging learning experiences. All assessments are marked by Canadian teachers at VHS ensuring students are on track to recieve their Canadian OSSD qualification. 

By partnering with VHS, we are able to offer students a broad range of subjects which can be tailored to their particular interests and strengths. The OSSD is a four year programme with the students receiving the diploma at the end of Grade 12. The OSSD is one of the most widely recognised high school diplomas in the end which is officially recognised by all top worldwide universities.

To graduate, students receive 30 credits from a combination of subjects over the four years; community service hours and a literacy test are also compulsory components. The advantage of studying the OSSD at U-Can is the support available for students learning English as a Second Language and the unlimited online tutoring available to all students.

Students are automatically enrolled to take core academic subjects: Math, English, the Sciences, World History, Personal Health and Geography. In addition, over the first three years students are able to take courses such as Swahili, Social Studies, Financial Accounting, Information Technology, Career Studies and Construction.

In Grade 12, students are offered three career tracks: Humanities, Sciences and Mathematics allowing students to focus on their future career whilst taking tailored

Global Citizenship

Our innovative secondary school program fosters independence, time management, and critical thinking skills in all of our students. By studying a range of courses with real-world links students gain an understanding of real-world situations in the 21st Century.

Students are taught about sustainability, computer literacy, financial literacy, and emotional and mental wellbeing in the context of a variety of academic and practical courses. At U-Can every student is given opportunities to develop their leadership skills and enhance the student experience. 

A core requirement of the OSSD is community involvement. Students must have completed 40 hours volunteering on projects within their local communities before they are eligible to graduate. Recent opportunities have included: volunteering at Tambula Arts organisation, painting a mural at Entebbe Zoo and running sessions at U-Can summer school. 

Outdoor Learning

Throughout Secondary School, we take outdoor and practical learning as a vital element of the school day.

Secondary school students benefit from three lessons of physical activity a week, including swimming, personal fitness, and group sports. Students are encouraged to spend their break and lunch times outside making use of our football pitch, basketball court, and climbing apparatus.

We blend our secondary school program with opportunities for outdoor learning. Some of our recent outdoor classes have been: navigating the night sky with telescopes in Science, a visit to the local textile and fabric market in Art, and work experience placements for Careers.

We believe learning should be fun at all levels and the secondary school students participate in a weekly reward afternoon such as a movie afternoon or a field trip!

Parent FAQs

Absolutely. The OSSD is a world-renowned qualification that is recognized around the world by top institutions. The OSSD holds the same academic weighting as other international curriculums such as IB, A-Level and AP.

There is no difference between completing the OSSD in Uganda with U-Can than there would be attending a high school in Canada. Both options are of equal standing. 

Due to our innovative partnership with Virtual High School (VHS) all students receive an accredited OSSD and all credits taken are recorded on their Ontario Student Transcript and Ontario Student Record. This is no different to students attending school in Ontario, Canada.

U-Can will advise students and parents on applying to university and college and ensure that all students are on track to meet the requirements needed to apply. 

Receiving an OSSD can be advantageous to students who are interested in completing further studies in Canada and can hold a competitive advantage when applying to Canadian top universities. 

All students are supported by our Secondary School Co-ordinator who oversees the smooth running of the OSSD program. Students are able to receive mentorship and guidance when needed as well as have a dedicated staff member monitoring their progress on the course at all times. 

Students who are English Language Learners (ELL) or have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) receive support throughout their time at U-Can. Students who hold an IEP are eligible for academic accommodations to be made when working toward their OSSD.

U-Can International encourages students to start their OSSD with U-Can in grade 9 so we can ensure students have completed all prerequisites and are on track to receive their OSSD within four years. 

Students who are entering the OSSD program part-way may benefit from transferring from previous secondary school qualifications or attendance in contribution to the OSSD. This is done on a case by case basis so we urge you to contact us to find out more. 

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